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An FDA-approved medication is injected into the diseased veins while using a vein light to illuminate the veins. This requires no anesthesia, sedation or absence from work.  The vein light helps identify the central vein responsible for the “fanning out” spider legs.  After identifying the central vein, the skin is cleansed and tiny needle (smaller than an IV for blood work) is inserted into the vein.  Once proper positioning is confirmed, the sclerotherapy medication is injected into the veins.  Often, the spider vein disappears before your very eyes.  Sometimes, there will be mild inflammation and redness at the injection site.  We will give you specific instructions on how to care for the injection site and how to prevent future spider veins from forming.


 Foam Sclerotherapy

This procedure uses an FDA-approved foamed sclerosing agent which is injected using ultrasound guidance.  The procedure is generally reserved for veins that are deeper and larger than typical spider veins.  By mixing the sclerosing solution with air, the foam has given greater surface area, making it more successful in larger vessels.  The foam solution displaces blood, which prevents the solution from becoming diluted.  There is little to no down time after this procedure, though recovery can vary based on the number and size of veins treated.  We will provide specific instructions on how to care for the injection site.